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My Word for the Year: Regeneration

I am still in my wintering mode, dear reader. I’m writing this from my soft couch, blanketed in a warm duvet, contemplating lighting a fire in the fireplace later. It’s a dark and cold winter up here in Norway. The snow is piling up, and all citizens are implored to stay at home and only drive if it’s absolutely necessary. It’s a perfect time to get some deep rest, and I aim to embrace seasonal living, so I haven’t even made my vision board for 2024 yet. But I have been contemplating my word for the year.

But first: What is a word for the year?

Choosing a word for the year is like setting an intention, a compass that points towards your aspirations. It’s a theme, a guiding star for the year and the priorities to come.

It’s a concept that may serve as an inspiration when you are ready to start new projects and head into new directions in your life.

Your word for the year will help you stay connected to your intentions and your hopes as the year transpires.

My word for the year in 2024

Most years, it’s quite hard for me to come up with my perfect word for the year. Last year, I think I was so traumatized by the global events that I didn’t even bother. But something is different this winter. The world continues to be a mess, of course, but something inside of me has shifted.

It’s like something is whispering “it’s time”.

And for me, it’s time to regenerate.

That’s my word.


A simple word, but it holds so much comfort and possibilities that I can hardly stand it.

What does regeneration mean?

It’s hard to come up with a clear definition of the word regeneration, since it’s a term used in so many different contexts. But one the main definition of “to regenerate” seems to be “bring into renewed existence; generate again”. For some, it’s also about being “restored to a better state”.

And that’s where I’m at this year.

I don’t have an urge to create something new. But I do have an immense calling to regenerate and to bring back some life to what seems to have become somewhat lacklustre.

Bringing my passions back to life

As a child, I had some core passions. I loved reading, I loved writing, I loved herbal medicine, and I loved language. I could spend hours and hours just studying natural remedies, reading fantasy, writing essays and poems and craving more than what my English teachers could provide in terms of linguistic input.

But then, to make a long story short: Adulthood happened. As it so very often does.

I can’t remember the last novel I read. It’s been years, probably. And my writing has suffered immensely, too.

So I’m bringing it all back this year.

Regeneration in both personal and environmental health

My word of the year will also be a guiding light when it comes to my health and the state of the planet, as those to are inherently intertwined. What hurts the planet, hurts us, and vice versa. And what heals the body, also heals the planet.

My main focus in efforts to solve both these issues, are regenerative foods – preferably organic. Some of the most regenerative foods are berries, mushrooms and cruciferous vegetables, so I’ll be having a lot of those.

Regeneration in my personal finances

Regeneration is also a concept that will inform my financial decisions this year. After all, we have two votes: One in the political elections, and one every time we spend money. I aim to make sure that I spend mine in a generative way.

I want to focus on buying products that have a regenerative effect in my life, and I also want to contribute to the regeneration of nature wherever I can. This may look like investing in companies that aim to give back to Mother Nature in some way, and it may look like getting my produce from farms that focus on regenerative agriculture.

Overall, I’m going to look at my finances from the perspective of ROI – return on investment. Ideally, my purchases will give me back more value than I initially paid for.

Regeneration for my nervous system

I’m going to focus even more on rest and relaxation this year. Yes, I do have goals to accomplish and tasks to tick off, but as I’m nearing my fifties, I have finally come to realize that we do need a proper work/relaxation balance.

This autumn, I discovered that I’m a Manifestor in Human Design. This means, in short, that I don’t have access to sacral energy, which is the kind of energy that gives other types their power of execution. I’m really good at initiating, but then… Then I need to rest and rejuvenate.

Regenerating activities I plan on doing much more of this year, is going early to bed, spending more time in nature, having more self-care days, and making sure I take time to breathe during the day. I’m also embracing slow, soft mornings and giving myself time.

It’s a bit counterintuitive for me, I’ll admit. But I know I will get more done, and accomplish more of my goals if I slow down and avoid the longer burnouts. Turns out, a Manifestor’s energy is not an infinite resource either.

Conclusion: A year of regeneration

In embracing the word “regeneration” for 2024, I find myself on a journey of rediscovery and revitalization. It’s not about creating something entirely new, but about renewing and bringing life back to what has dimmed over the years. From rekindling childhood passions to making conscious choices in personal finance, and fostering regeneration in both personal and environmental health, this word will be my guiding star.

Here’s to a year of regeneration, of rediscovery, and the gentle art of bringing life back to what truly matters.

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