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Creating a Holistic and Budget-Friendly Self Care Day at Home

As I’m sure you are well aware, it’s essential to carve out time for self-care and prioritize our well-being. However, seeking out expensive spa treatments or wellness retreats isn’t always practical or financially feasible. The good news is that you can have a wonderful self care day without leaving the comfort of your own home. By incorporating practices that nurture your mind, body, and soul, you can embark on a rejuvenating journey that promotes overall well-being while being mindful of your financial resources.

Setting the Stage for Self-Care

First and foremost, you need to set aside time to actually do the self caring at all. How many times have you thought about doing yoga or meditating and something else of more importance suddenly got in the way? Yes. Exactly. This is why you need to make an appointment with yourself so that you won’t get distracted. So pull out your planner or your calendar right away, and decide when you want you self care day at home.

The day before that, you will be cleaning and tidying your space. Make sure to create an atmosphere in which you can relax, instead of worrying about the dust bunnies or the dirty towels on the floor. Instead, allow your future self to enjoy the clean and organized space. You will thank yourself later!

When the space is clean, you should lay out everything you will need where you can easily find it. Test batteries, check expirations dates, and so on. Maybe place a aromatherapy crystal candle or a beautiful diffuser in the room, and create the playlist beforehand. A bluetooth speaker will create a perfect soundscape. Set the scene for a perfect self care day at home.

And then, set the intentions. It’s important that you tell your mind that this will be happening and that you will follow through with presence and mindfulness. Go to bed early, knowing that the day is all set from the moment you open your eyes in the morning.

Nurturing the Mind

Start your morning with your playlist, your diffuser and some meditation. Focus on your breath and feel yourself being present right here, right now. Visualize that all your worries are being paused. You may choose to resume them later, but for now, give yourself a break.

Then, when you feel grounded and your mind is clear, grab your journal. Any notebook will do, but there are so many beautiful ones to choose from! Reflect on what you need to nurture yourself not only today but for the days and weeks to come. What do you need to make yourself just a bit happier and more content than you are right now? What does an ideal week look like to you? Who is the best version of yourself, and how can you align more with her?

When you have created this vision on your journal pages, you will go back into meditation and visualize your ideal reality. Allow yourself to feel it as if it’s already real and already here. Sink into the positive emotions and sensations that comes with being in your perfect universe as the best version of yourself.

Caring for the Body

Now that the mind is nurtured, we can move on to the body. Start the day by drinking two large glasses of lemon water to get properly rehydrated after the night, and take any supplements or seed nutrition.

Then, you can start waking up your body by dry brushing it from top to toe while you run a bath or warm up your sauna blanket. The idea is first to get your lymph going and then heat up to the point where you start to sweat. This will make your heart pump faster and get your body going for the day.

After the hot bath or sauna, you then move on to a cold shower to calm your nervous system down again and to get that refreshed feeling. Wash your hair and give it a treatment while you’re in there.

Then, it’s time to do some soft yoga to stretch out and get into some deep and slow breathing. Let your body guide you through the asanas you need to practice, and just do whatever feels good and right. Take your time. Allow your body to soften and melt down into the mat. Just be. And breathe.

Finish this session with a nice, healthy smoothie bowl and a cup of tea.

Let the Beautification Begin

Start by brushing your teeth thoroughly, fixing your hair, and cleansing your face as you would normally do. Then, do a gua sha massage with long and nice strokes to get into the deep tissues in your face to get a nice lymphatic drainage here too.

When your blood circulation is going, you can apply a face mask and let it sit while you do your nails, epilate your legs or apply body lotion to your body. Then, with a clean face, you can tweak your eyebrows and do your makeup if you so choose.

Pick an outfit that feels beautiful but comfortable for the rest of the day.

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Cultivating Soulful Connection

Now, it’s time to head outside if the weather permits. A walk in the woods, in the mountains or on the beach would be perfect, but your own back yard or a park nearby would be more than ok. Just pick a place with living nature, and take your time to notice all the details you can see, feel, smell or hear. Touch the trees and the flowers, and go barefooted if you can. Allow yourself to connect to the living nature around you.

Find a place to sit down, or head back home if that’s more comfortable. It’s time to do some reconnection to your inner self again. Is there anything that you need to express? Write it all out, or draw some sketches. Let’s pretend you are a well-known artist and are about to create another master piece!

Embracing Financial Sanity

This may seem like a terrible thing to include in your self care day at home, but the fact is that financial stress is one of the things that takes a heavy toll on us. That’s why it makes perfect sense to give this some love too. Revisit your minimalist budget, and see if there are tweaks that can be done to ease your mind.

With that in mind, review your savings plan too. Could you relocate something from your current spending to your savings, or could you perhaps invest in some silver or promising stocks? I promise, you will feel so much better after you have made changes for the better.

Sustaining Self Care Beyond the Day

A self care day at home is a wonderful idea every now and then when we need a reboot, but it’s equally important to build some practical and nourishing habits for everyday life. We started this day by reflecting on our true needs, and this will give you some ideas on what to focus on in the days to come. Try to infuse some much needed self care into your days whenever you can. It can be as simple as five minutes of deep breathing before you shop for groceries, or a simply keep asking yourself what you really need.

Self care doesn’t have to be expensive, and as you have seen, it can easily include free nature connection and financial sanity as well. In fact, self care is one of the best investments you can make. You yourself are, after all, your very best asset, and it only makes sense to strengthen yourself whenever you can.

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