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Natural living embodies a lifestyle dedicated to harmonizing with nature, prioritizing sustainability, and nurturing overall well-being as well as seasonal living and green life hacks. Explore eco-conscious home practices, organic living and sustainable lifestyle choices in this category. Just remember, dear reader, that nobody is perfect and you don't have to change everything all at once to start natural living. Just begin where you are, work with what you have, and take small steps each day toward a greener and more sustainable future. The natural lifestyle is really more of an ongoing process than it is a final destination, so enjoy the ride!

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    Natural Living

    Seasonal Living in the Spring: Embracing New Beginnings

    It’s finally March, dear reader, and although I live far up north, we are beginning to see the first signs that spring is in fact on its way. So, I thought I’d share with you some thoughts on seasonal living in the spring. As the frost begins to thaw and the days gradually lengthen, we find ourselves on the cusp of a new season: spring. While we bid farewell to the quietude of winter, it’s time to welcome the vitality and renewal that spring brings into our lives. So, let’s continue our journey of seasonal living, transitioning seamlessly from the cozy comforts of winter to the vibrant energy of seasonal…

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    Natural Living

    Home Remedies for Shiny Hair: 10 Natural Ways

    Have you been searching for a natural solution to promote that healthy hair shine without resorting to synthetic options or going personally bankrupt in the process? Me too. There’s nothing that says feminine beauty quite like long and well-groomed hair, but it can be hard to to achieve that desired shine and vitality without breaking the bank or exposing ourselves to harmful chemicals. That’s where holistic home remedies for shiny hair come in. With a focus on natural ingredients and gentle treatments, these solutions offer a path to luscious locks without compromising on health or budget. Some of the remedies call for essential oils, which you can easily get from…

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    Natural Living

    Seasonal Living in the Winter

    We are still in the depths of winter as I write this, dear reader. Up here in Norway, the forest is covered in deep snow and ice, and I find it best to stay inside most of the time. So, it’s a good time to explore the concept of seasonal living in the winter. It will still be a month or two before spring arrives here. A recap of seasonal living in general But before we begin, let’s just revisit what seasonal living really is. Seasonal living, dear reader, is the art of dancing with nature in her own rhythm. It is adjusting your lifestyle to match the environment around…

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    Natural Living

    Seasonal Living: Connecting with Nature’s Rhythms

    One of the things we seem to have lost completely track of on our way to this modern society, is nature’s rhythms and seasonal living. Most of us have been conditioned to believe that we live our life in a straight line from point A to point B and that eternal growth is the way it’s supposed to be. But nothing could be further from the natural reality. Because, as we know, the natural world is all about cycles and rhythms and patterns. And since we ourselves are nature, it could benefit us greatly to return to nature’s rhythms. What is Seasonal Living? Seasonal living, dear reader, is the art…

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    Natural Living

    My Word for the Year: Regeneration

    I am still in my wintering mode, dear reader. I’m writing this from my soft couch, blanketed in a warm duvet, contemplating lighting a fire in the fireplace later. It’s a dark and cold winter up here in Norway. The snow is piling up, and all citizens are implored to stay at home and only drive if it’s absolutely necessary. It’s a perfect time to get some deep rest, and I aim to embrace seasonal living, so I haven’t even made my vision board for 2024 yet. But I have been contemplating my word for the year. But first: What is a word for the year? Choosing a word for…

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    Natural Living

    Natural Living Tips For a Sustainable Home: Creating an Eco-Haven

    In the previous blog post, we set the groundwork for embracing natural living. We explored what natural living means, understanding it as a lifestyle that focuses on sustainable practices, holistic health, and mindful consumption. We also discovered the many advantages that come with embracing natural living, like feeling physically better and reducing our impact on the environment. Read on to learn some natural living tips for a sustainable home. To make this lifestyle change, we need to take small steps and make manageable adjustments in our everyday lives. By looking at our current habits and finding areas where we can improve, we can start making changes that align with natural…

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    Natural Living

    How to Start Natural Living: A Guide to Begin Your Journey

    Welcome to the world of natural living, where a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle awaits. If you’re curious about embracing a more mindful approach to your everyday choices, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post will answer the questions you might have about how to start living a more natural life. Natural living is becoming more and more popular, as it offers a refreshing alternative to the hustle and bustle of our hectic lives. There’s too much stress on most of us these days, along with the knowledge that nature isn’t doing too well either. By prioritizing sustainable practices and conscious consumption, we can begin to create a…

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    Natural Living

    5 Essential Natural Living Tips for a Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyle

    Living a natural and sustainable lifestyle has become increasingly important in today’s world. As we become more conscious of the impact our choices have on both our health and the environment, many of us are seeking ways to embrace a more holistic and sustainable approach to living. Natural living encompasses various aspects, including what we put into our bodies, the products we use in our homes, and the overall choices we make in our daily lives. In this blog post, we will explore five essential natural living tips that can help you cultivate a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. By incorporating these tips into your everyday routine, you can not…

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