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About Ferns & Fancies

Ferns & Fancies is a blog dedicated to natural living and holistic wellness, with a feminine viewpoint. The overall goal is to help and inspire the reader to reconnect with nature and to create an abundant and meaningful life based on the rhythms of nature.

My Background

My name is Ingrid Jeanette, and I live in a small valley in eastern Norway with my teenage daughter. From a very early age, I developed a profound connection with the natural world thanks to my grandparents and the beautiful place I grew up. This connection became the driving force behind my journey into early education pedagogy, where I discovered what it takes to raise a child to become a happy, content adult.

Years later, due to some health problems, I returned to my studies – this time I achieved a BA in language and literature. This developed into a MA in cultural studies, where my thesis was a comprehensive ecocritical analysis of the best selling YA literature of the time. This academic exploration not only deepened my understanding of the intricate relationship between child, culture and nature but also laid the foundation for my current mission.

My Blogging Journey

My blogging journey started back in 2005, and it became a serious hobby when I became pregnant and decided to be a stay-at-home mom for the first years of my daughter’s life. I started a Norwegian blog for other SAHM’s, and wrote about natural child care, attachment parenting and how to live on one income.

In 2017, after years of focusing on my education, I started Skogfrue.no, a platform dedicated to promoting a natural lifestyle and exploring the intersection of ecological values and family focus in the Norwegian context.

In addition to my Norwegian blog, I recently launched this blog – Ferns & Fancies – an English-language platform aimed at sharing insights on natural living, holistic wellness and personal finance with a broader audience.

Future Plans

As a mother to a 16-year-old daughter, I am not only focused on shaping a sustainable future for myself but also for the generations to come. My passion for nature, economy, natural medicine, and writing, continues to be the driving force and the reason behind it all.

As a Manifestor in Human Design, I naturally can not promise you any form of continuity on my part, but I aim to post at least once a week. I might also dabble in the crafts of digital products someday.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. As Ferns & Fancies takes its first steps, I invite you to be part of a movement that values the beauty of a natural lifestyle, prioritizes family, and seeks to create an economy rooted in ecological principles. I hope you enjoy your stay!

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